CLAO Annual Education Meeting, Orlando, FL,  April 12, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Tentative Program in formation:

  • Oliver H. Dabezies, Jr., MD Lecture:  Ocular Surface Tumors Carol Karp MD 
  • Harold A. Stein, MD Lecture - Contact Lens Safety: the CDC perspective Jennifer COPE, MD, MPH 
  • Terminology in Corneal Disease Deborah S. Jacobs MD
  • CIE-corneal inflammatory events Loretta Szczotka-Flynn OD, PhD
  • Contact lens related infections-simple protocol for successful outcomes Deepinder K. Dhaliwal MD
  • Challenging CL related infections--when standard antibiotics are not working Guillermo Amescua, MD
  • Informed Consent for Myopia Control Thomas Aller OD
  • Orthokeratology-indications and challenges Cary Herzberg, OD
  • International Symposium (ECLSO, SOBLEC, JCLS)
CLAO Symposium at ASCRS, Washington DC, April 13- 17 / "Sexy Contact Lenses"

This symposium will discuss the latest technologies in contacts lenses. Speakers will provide updated information on newly released lenses with multifocality, therapeutic lenses for corneal edema, as well as other lenses ideal for post-surgical patients. Future contact lenses will be discussed as well including contact lenses that will be able to monitor glaucoma, measure blood glucose levels, and release ocular medications. This symposium will conclude with the Richard Lindstron MD Lectureship given by Dr. Dimitri Azar.

  • Contact Lenses for Myopia Control Deborah S. Jacobs, MD
  • Drug-eluting contact lenses Joseph Ciolino, MD
  • Cosmetic contact lenses: risks and rewards Michelle Rhee, MD
  •  PROSE as a novel drug delivery system Jessica Ciralsky, MD
  • Hyperosmotic contact lenses Ofer Daphna, MD 
  • Richard Lindstrom Lecture: Advances in Optics and Contact Lenses: Technology and Biology Dimitri Azar, MD
CLAO Symposium at WOC2018, June 16-18 / Barcelona, Spain "Contact Lens Safety: Insights from the US and Around the World"
  • New standards for Solutions Testing: Update from the FDA Bennie H. Jeng, MD
  • Peroxide Disinfection Systems: Why We Need Them Deborah S. Jacobs, MD
  • Scleral Lenses: Emerging Data from Around the World Amy Lin, MD
  • Orthokeratology Related Infections Vishal Jhanji, MD
  • Therapeutic Contact Lenses: A Safe and Effective Option for Ocular Graft Versus Host Disease Jessica Ciralsky, MD
  • Decorative Lenses Michelle K. Rhee, MD
  • Microbial Keratitis: Lessons from the French Study Rene Mely, MD

Past Meetings

2017 CLAO, the Eye & Contact Lens Association Annual Meeting: Naples, FL

2016 CLAO and Eye & Contact Lens Educational Summit: Seattle, WA 

2015 CLAO / CLSA Contact Lens Educational Summit

2014 CLAO International Symposium & Congress

2012 CLAO Meeting Program

2009 ICLS Meeting Program

2008 CLAO Meeting Program

2007 CLAO Meeting Program